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The Carcass Cartel is an initiative headed by some of the UK’s most exciting chefs, on a mission to show that nose to tail eating isn’t just about greying cuts of offal cooked without imagination - it can be an exciting, modern, approachable and simple way to cook at home while having a positive effect on both food waste and the environment.

We firmly believe that more is less - meaning the more of the animal you eat the less animals need to be reared for food on a mass scale. We want to help people to reconnect with the meat on their plates and where it comes from - showing you that there are so many misunderstood and delicious cuts of the animal that can help us rethink our meat consumption and approach the growing issue of food waste in the meat industry. 


Carcass: Meaning the body of an animal of which life is no longer present. Our mission is to respect that life by reconnecting people with where their food comes from and promoting an ethical, modern way of cooking with every edible part of the animal.

Cartel: The literal and original meaning comes from the Italian cartello, a derivative of carta, “leaf of paper,” / “placard.” Being used as a letter of defiance or challenge. Our letter of defiance is addressed to the needless waste happening in the meat industry and our challenge is to you - to fall back in love with the forgotten cuts through simple, exciting, modern recipes.

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