Adam Handling recipe: Veal sweetbreads, English peas, morels & wild garlic

Carcass Cartel member Adam Handling is well known for turning out some of the best food in London. A finalist on MasterChef the Professionals, a growing empire of restaurants and his sights set on a Michelin Star (or two) in 2019. And just for you, we cracked open his noggin to extract one of the best dishes on the menu at his new restaurant Adam Handling Chelsea - the veal sweetbreads, with English peas, morels and wild garlic. One of those plates of food that makes you want to throw away the cutlery and face plant.

So if you’re feeling fancy and want to impress your mates, this dish is the business. Get down to your local butchers, order up some beautiful veal sweetbreads and MasterChef the shit out of the weekend.

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Veal Sweetbread

Roast the sweet bread in a little oil until thoroughly golden brown around the exterior. put in the oven at 180C for 4 min, remove from the oven and add a little ransom butter to finish and allow to rest.

Curry oil

2g Curry powder                                                 

10g Ginger                                                   

2g Cumin

8g Turmeric root

3 Lemongrass

1/2g Cardamom

1/4g Diced chilli

2g Garlic

3 Kaffir Lime Leaves

300ml Grapeseed Oil


Toast curry powder, turmeric and cumin, lightly add the rest of the spice, add the oil and heat gently, remove the lime leaves and sous vide over night at 65 degrees.

Ramson Butter

250g butter                                                           

250g Ramsom Leaves


Clarify the butter. Blend the ramson with the clarified butter and heat up 80 degrees, chilli immediately.

Watercress salsa verde

150g watercress                                               

50g parsley

50g basil

50g white wine vinegar

50g Dijon Mustard

100 Olive oil


Blend all ingredients in a blender bar the oil. Form a coarse mix and finish with olive oil


50g Shelled Peas                                             

50g Morel Mushrooms

10g Water

10g Butter


Make an emulsion with the butter and water, add morels cook for a minute and add peas for a further 30secs.